Painting to be proud of

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Two days free sign writing with any full repaint booked in 2020.

At Aqueduct we recognise the great pride boats can bring their owners and our painting department works to enhance this and produce painting to be proud of. Our workshops are temperature and humidity controlled allowing painting all year round in the best conditions, giving long lasting results and peace of mind to you the boat owner.




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Office and Chandlery

Monday 23rd December - 8am till 5pm
Tuesday 24th December - 8am till 12noon
Wednesday 25th December – Closed
Thursday 26th December – Closed
Friday 27th December - 9am till 4pm
Saturday 28th December - 9am till 4pm
Sunday 29th December - 9am till 4pm
Monday 30th December - 9am till 4pm
Tuesday 31st December - 9am till 12noon
Wednesday 1st January – Closed
Thursday 2nd January – 8am till 5pm

The Galley Café

Monday 23rd December – 9:30am till 4pm
Tuesday 24th December – 9:30am till 12noon
Wednesday 25th December – Closed
Thursday 26th December – Closed
Friday 27th December - 9:30am till 3pm
Saturday 28th December - 9:30am till 3pm
Sunday 29th December - 9:30am till 3pm
Monday 30th December – 9:30am till 3pm
Tuesday 31st December – 9:30am till 12noon - Sorry we wont be serving food on this day.
Wednesday 1st January – Closed
Thursday 2nd January – 9:30am till 4pm


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Welcome Dave

We’d like to wish Dave a warm welcome to the Aqueduct Marina team…

A familiar face from around the network, Dave will be working alongside Dave (yes, we now have two!) in the daily operations of our Chandlery. Dave is incredibly knowledgeable so whether it’s sourcing materials to fit out your next narrowboat shell or recommending what paint to use on your current project – Dave is the man to ask! What a difference a Dave makes!

What would you like from your Aqueduct Chandlery?

This season as the leaves begin to change we thought we’d turn the focus on you and ask you what you’d like from your Aqueduct Chandlery?

Supplying items from electrics through to consumables, discover what is on your doorstep and have Dave and Dave provide you with advice on everything from boat building to what paint to use to preserve your boat over winter – pop in and place a suggestion in the box!

Need something for next day? Did you know that we also have special Tuesday and Thursday delivery dates so should you require that missing bearing that you just can’t get your hands on or degreaser that your engine has been needing for weeks place an order with us before 4pm on Monday or Wednesday and let us take the pressure off.

Make sure you check out our next newsletter and social media feeds where we will be providing some top tips for the Autumn season.

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