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To say thank you to all our loyal moorers, we would like to offer you a free pre-season boat check...

We know the last few months have been tough as everyone has been separated from what they love the most; for some that will be friends and family and others it may be their narrowboat?

Whatever it maybe we would like to offer all of our moorers a free pre-season health check for their boat, this is to assist you in getting back to boating as soon as possible.

Aqueducts free pre-season boat check will include the following:


A visual inspected and emptying via bilge pump*
*(Subject to no contamination being present).

Stern Gland

Assessed for drips and wear of the gland packing.


We will run up your engine to get things lubricated internally and clear the damp.
The engine oil level will be checked along with both coolant level & mixture.


Each battery is disconnected and tested individually; our battery testing equipment uses the specification of your battery to review and score its health on a scale of 1 to 100.

At the end of the health check each boat will receive a report card, listing results for the checks undertaken; if we feel anything is required this will be listed for review or we will call you on the day should action be more urgent.

Does your boat need a little more than our free pre-season boat check?

As an engineer will already be attending to your boat, we can also offer the following additional services, some of which will be discounted;

Diesel bug testing

Bacterial culturing is used to test if diesel bug is in your fuel system; we can now grow diesel bug in a test tube with a sample your fuel should it be contaminated!

Standard engine service

£120.00 Approx* (1hr labour + parts) Normally £180.00 Approx
Reduced in price by one hour’s labour; our standard engine service includes fuel filter, engine oil and filter replacement along with more technical checks.
*Gearbox oil, non-standard instillations and traditional engine services can also be undertaken; for more info ask a member of the team.

Traditional stern gland packing

Traditional stern gland packing can be replaced whilst we are undertaking the free checks; if you think this need’s completing or if we advise you it looks due; you can simply add this to the visit.

Boat cleaning

We are also glad to confirm that our interior cleaners are back to work and available Monday – Saturday from next week; should you wish to have the interior of your boat cleaned before you visit for the first time after lockdown this can now be booked. Just so that you know… Our interior cleaners have changed their practices to ensure they can work in a Covid-Secure manner changing the cleaning products they use to those with virus fighting ingredients. The boat cleaning price has maintained its original standard cost of £36.00

To book any cleaning services please call or email our office on;
01270 525 040


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Dave’s Deals for Winter

Getting you ready for the winter season, we are offering you some great deals in our ‘Dave’s Deals’ baskets including:

10% Off Freezeban
Ideal for water line freeze protection, we are offering 10% off our Aqueduct Chandlery Freezeban.

Winter Warmers
Thermal gloves were £3.36, now £2.49.

Great Value Side Fenders 4 for £22

For a selected time only, make sure you come long and have a rummage.

New Products This Season 

We have some exciting new products for you in the Chandlery this Autumn including:

New custom cutting service. We can now offer you the opportunity to choose the lengths of mooring and fender rope which we can cut to your requirements onsite. Rope types include: nice-and-easy-to-handle polyester, natural polyhemp and multi filieum (more types available on request).

Easy to replace and essential for all boats, these new Italian Brass and Chrome Fairleads will certainly make your boat stand out from the crowd. Made from solid brass, these continental fair-leads can be supplied in either polished brass or chrome brass finish.

More manageable in size, we now stock XL coal in 20 kg bags providing you with a more storage–friendly option that both your boat and back will prefer! We are selling these at £9.25 a bag so make sure you call in and get stocked up in time for winter!

An essential for keeping you warm and dry over the cooler months we now offer Blaze natural firelighters. Made from pinewood and sawdust saturated with flammable Paraffin Wax, these non-toxic products enable easy lighting and are a kinder alternative to regular firelighters.

Don’t forget our Tuesday and Thursday delivery days!

Top Tip Chandlery Tuesdays 

Each Tuesday we will be sharing a new top tip with you on our Facebook page, providing you with useful advice and helpful guidance to all things boating.

Our current topic is winter boating so if you have any questions that you would like us to answer please submit them to our Facebook page
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Getting you ready for the Winter season, we are offering you some great deals in our ‘Dave’s Deals’ baskets, New Products for the Season and some top tips for Winter on our Facebook Page…

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