Church Minshull Aqueduct Marina

A convenient way of storing and using your boat

Save on your license fees by storing your boat out of the water when not in use


Length: 60ft
Storage £/ft: 0.88
1 Week: £52.80
6 Months: £1372.80
9 Months: £2059.20
12 Months: £2745.60

C&RT License: 60ft
3 Months: £267.65
6 Months: £535.31
12 Months: £892.18

6 month storage paid in advance includes 2 FREE slipways and 4 days mooring
9 month storage paid in advance includes 4 FREE slipways and 8 days mooring
12 month storage paid in advance includes 6 FREE slipways and 12 days mooring

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  • No sale - No fee
  • Accompanied viewings 7 days a week
  • Dedicated Brokerage Team
  • National advertising - Towpath Talk, Tillergraph & more…
  • Commission Fee £1,000 + 3% of funds greater than £20,000
  • Minimum Fee £1,000
  • Maximum Fee £3,400
  • All fees are exclusive of VAT
  • Excellent services and workshop support
  • Boat typically sold within one week
  • Boats Bought for Cash

Selling your Boat

We ask you to leave your boat with us for a period of 12 weeks. If after this period if we haven’t found a buyer, we will continue to market your boat until it is sold or either party can terminate the contract giving 14 days’ written notice.

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